Cesenatico-Roncofreddo Route

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A long flat stretch to Savignano where, after a slight slope, the hard part of the route begins along to Longiano, where the view over the hills and the sea is simply incredible.

Once at Roncofreddo you reach a steep ramp which leads to the village and on to Santa Paola and Montiano, where the road veers down quickly to Via Emilia and the initial flat stretch.



Roncofreddo is a village in the middle of gentle hills and lovely scenic places where you can admire the cultural and historic treasures which recount its origins: the remains of the fortress called Castellaccio where you can see the Civic Tower and the entry gate.

In the area around Roncofreddo there are 7 castles to visit, two of which – Sorrivoli and Monteleone – can be seen from the village itself.

Another picturesque place to go for a bike ride is the village of Santa Paola, dedicated to the saint who was born here in around the 6th century.

At the church you can see the remains of the saint and paintings which depict the history.

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From Verucchio views extend along the whole Romagna coastline and you can learn about local history by visiting some of the finest monuments to be found inland of the Rimini area

Dominated by the ancient rock, Galeata is rich in valuable history: the old town centre with Tuscan influences; the portico-covered streets and the sandstone.

The most complex and famous route of the Cesenatico inland area: 205 km and 9 uphill stretches.

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