Cesenatico-Verucchio Route

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Information about the route

The route starts on the plain towards Gatteo a Mare, Savignano and Canonica. The slope upwards begins after the bridge over the Marecchia river, then along the Marecchiese road you get to Verucchio and then go down towards Villa Verucchio and up again in the direction of Santarcangelo, to then arrive on the plain in the direction of Cesenatico.

Verucchio town

Verucchio is an ancient village whose history tells the events of the ruling Malatesta dinasty.

The village has medieval origin and dates back to the iron age, 9th to 6th century B.C., when peoples of Villanovan culture lived in the area (the Civic Museum houses some artefacts).

From Verucchio views extend along the whole Romagna coastline and you can learn about local history by visiting some of the finest monuments to be found inland of the Rimini area: the Palazzo del Municipio (the Town Hall), the 18th century Palazzo Giungi and the neoclassical Palazzo Bedetti.

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